5 ways to style a blazer

Blazer is one of my must-have item. It is a perfect item to wear at work and it is also easy to dress up with!

Let's talk about my 5 different ways of styling a blazer. Enjoy with the music on :)


1. Wear with Hoodie


Hoodie is also my favorite fashion item. It can give you a very young look no matter what items you style with. 


2. Wear with t-shirt


If you want easy chic, white t-shirt is a good choice! Black blazer and white t-shirt are very simple and basic. So I wear them with unique designed jeans(shop it here) and booties(shop it here). 

3. Add some feminine elements

Blazer gives me a formal look. So I like to add some very feminine items, like lace top and skirt, when I'm going out for a date after work.


4. Turtleneck and more skirt <3


A oversized blazer + black turtleneck might look too heavy and thick.  To reduce this heavy feeling, I style them with a mini skirt. This works when you expose more skin.

5. When you feel cold...


Blazer is definitely not just a outwear. A lightweight blazer can be worn under your oversized coat. I'm super into this combination when it is cold. Make sure your blazer is fitted other than oversized. 


Blazers of my choice

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Two Early Spring Skirts

Though it is still a little cold in Seattle, all the stores start to put on their spring collections. I can't resist the beautiful design of the early spring. Here are the two dresses I love the most.

To enjoy reading with the music, click the play button below.


Metallic Pleated Skirt


The dress is perfect dark wine color with beautiful metallic fabric. I style it with a pair of bright red heels and s simple white shirt. I also choose a darker coat so it won't be too many bright colors and the red colors can be more outstanding.


This pair of sunglasses and earring are my new favorites too! They are both very unique and eye-catching, so I like to wear them with simple and vintage outfits.

Photo credit for this look: @jamestriangle

Photo credit for this look: @jamestriangle


To shop the skirt

The skirt is from Mango, click here to buy. Other metallic skirt in different colors:

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The Floral Skirt


I've been looking for a french style floral skirt for a while. And I finally found this perfect one from otherstories.


To shop the skirt

The skirt is from “And Other Stories”, click here to buy. Other floral skirts I like:

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Thanks for reading :)