Exotic Sheep

Hello! Welcome to my photography story. Today I'm going to share the story of Exotic sheep.  Enjoy the blog with the song below by clicking play button :)

(Disclosure: this is not advertisement, just to support and have fun with a friend.)

Exotic sheep is found by my friend Zhen. She loves traveling and collecting unique handicrafts around the world.  

Once you step into her house, you will feel her great taste and her love for life. 

Her plants

Her plants

Every single item is handpicked by her. I think nobody is better than herself to present her collections of jewelries.  

It was a rainy day when we took the pictures. The light was very gentle and elegant, just like her personality. 


She found this very unique vintage mirror in Fremont Sunday Market. Unfortunately, it is not for sale.


If  you are interested in her jewelries, you can find exotic sheep at online store,  esty and instagram(@exoticsheep).


Thanks for reading :)